What you Need to Bring to the Baptism
A Baptismal Candle and a White Garment is usually required.  The White Garment can consist of an entire garment which is white, or simply a white shawl or both. The Baptism Candle can be decorated with symbols of Baptism or including the name of your son/daughter – but it does not have to be decorated. Baptism candles are available from the Parish.

The Parish incurs a lot of expenses and your donation helps us continue the work of the Gospel. (Details available from the parish secretary when you book your child’s baptism).

Baptism of children from outside the Parish
As we are now a one priest parish for both parishes. We can only support and encourage those who reside in both Parish’s. We encourage you to seek your own local Parish for the baptism of your child. This is so families may be able to make connection with their own local Parish and Parish Priest. Therefore we are unable to accept a booking for baptisms at St Colmcille's and Drynam if you reside outside the boundaries of the Parish. We respectfully suggest that you make contact with your local Parish to arrange the baptism of your child.

For information about having your child baptised in St Colmcille's and Drynam please contact the Parish Office on 01 - 840 7277        or email stcolmcilleschurch@gmail.com






Sunday September 18th @12.15pm    Fully booked

Saturday October 1st     @ 12 noon     Fully Booked

Sunday October 16th     @ 12.15pm

Sunday November 6th   @  12.15pm

Sunday December 4th   @ 12.15pm